About Norm

Norm moved from Latvia 10 years ago, and since then he has become certified sales and finance expert of Chrysler Canada.

In Latvia Norm was a professional DJ for 15 years, worked in the fashion industry for 7 years, and was in radio and television. From all his experience and travels he chose BC for its natural beauty and everything it has to offer. He loves skiing, mountain biking, flying planes, camping, and exploring BC in his RV with his family. Cars was always one of his passions growing up, so he has now found a career that gives him the ability to do what he loves.

Coming to BC, Norm has experience with various Chrysler dealership, with the last 6 years being spent at one of the largest Chrysler dealerships in Western Canada, Langley Chrysler. Langley Chrysler is under the Trotman Auto Group, comprised of 13 automotive dealerships. Owned by three brothers, as a family owned company, Langley Chrysler treats everyone from its employees to customers, like family. The Troman Group prides itself for being one of the most reputable auto groups in Canada.

Norm’s experience has given him the ability to deal with many different client scenarios and situations and best each and every client’s individual needs. Norm’s creativity, customer service, timely and consistent communication, has made him one of the best Chrysler Sales & Product experts in British Columbia, helping thousands to achieve their dream to own their vehicle in his professional experience.

Idea into reality

Originally I designed GoTestDrive.ca as a media project for customers to help understand vehicles, their features, options, and make selecting a vehicle from the comfort of your home or office easier. Also it is great way for customers to share with friends or family members, pictures and information about the vehicle they are considering.

GoTestDrive.ca started 7 years as a Youtube Channel simply for information sharing and fun videos. Now,  it has grown into a popular channel and page that is known World Wide!


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